Article I. The name of this organization shall be the Southern California Society for Surgery of the Hand (SCSSH).

Article II. The purpose of the society shall be to establish an organization composed of Doctors of Medicine who are engaged in Surgery of the Hand.

A. To foster the highest standards of Hand Surgery.

B. To promote education, training, and research related to surgery

of the hand.

C. To encourage correspondence and exchange of ideas and experiences as they relate to surgery of the hand.

D. To develop and maintain personal interrelationships between hand surgeons of Southern California.

Article III. Officers:

A. The officers of the Society shall be the President, Vice President, and Secretary-Treasurer.

B. Candidates for each office shall be nominated by the Executive

Committee and additional nominations made from the floor at the time of election. Candidates shall be elected by majority vote of the membership of the Society in attendance.

C. The term of office for elected officers will be two years. An officer may serve no more than two consecutive terms in any given office.

D. Officers will be elected at the Winter Meeting of even numbered years.

E. Duties of officers:

1. President - The President shall:

a. Be the principal executive officer of the Society and shall preside at all Society and Executive Committee meetings.

b. Cast the deciding vote in case of a tie.

c. With the advice and consent of the Executive

Committee, appoint any special or regular committees.

d. Act as Program Chairman responsible for arranging speakers for each meeting.

2. Vice President - The Vice President shall:

a. Assist the President in his/her duties.

b. Preside in the President's absence.

c. Assume the office of Presidency should such office

become vacant.

3. Secretary - Treasurer - The Secretary-Treasurer shall:

a. Keep minutes and records of the meetings.

b. Handle correspondence of the Society.

c. Receive applications for membership.

d. Suggest changes to the bylaws to be voted upon by the membership of the Society.

e. Keep the financial records of the Society. Be

responsible for obtaining and dispersing the funds of

the Society. Notify members of special assessments as they arise.

Article IV. Executive Committee:

A. The Executive Committee of the Society will consist of the elected officers.

B. Duties: The Executive Committee will convene as often as is required to conduct the business of the Society.

C. Recommendations of the Executive Committee must be voted upon by the membership and ratified by majority vote, except in specific cases set forth in these bylaws concerning issues of membership and bylaw amendments.

Article V. Membership - There shall be two classes of members: Active and emeritus. Active members shall be surgeons involved in the active practice of hand surgery. An emeritus member is a member who has attained the age of 65, who has retired from active clinical practice. The emeritus members will have the same rights and privileges as an active member, but will not be required to pay annual dues and will not have the right to vote on business issues related to the Society.

Charter members of the Society are listed in Attachment A.

Candidates for active membership after July 1, 2002:

A. Qualifications:

1. The applicant must have completed a residency program

approved by the respective American Board of General

Orthopedic or Plastic Surgery.

2. The applicant must have completed special training in surgery of the hand for a minimum of 12 months in addition to his/her primary residency. Subspecialty training will be evaluated on an individual basis by the Society.

3. The applicant must be prepared to demonstrate to the Executive Committee satisfactory interest in surgery of the hand.

4. The applicant must be in the active practice of hand surgery in Southern California.

5. The applicant must possess a Certificate for Added

Qualifications in Surgery of the Hand given by their respective primary specialty (General Surgery, Orthopedic Surgery, Plastic Surgery).

6. Under exceptional circumstances, the Executive Committee may recommend to the society that these qualifications be waived for an applicant.

B. Applications:

1. Application to the Society is made by invitation only upon

recommendation of at least two active members of the Society.

2. Substantiation of qualifications will be required in writing prior to any action on any application.

C. Election of members:

1. The Executive Committee shall act as a membership committee to review qualifications of applicants. Election to membership will be by closed ballot, and election will be confirmed by an affirmative vote of two-thirds of the members present and voting.

Article VI. Termination of membership:

A. Resignation: Any member in good standing may terminate his/her membership by tendering his/her written letter of resignation to the Secretary-Treasurer of this organization.

B. Involuntary suspension or expulsion

1. Conduct of a member prejudicial to the best interests of the Society may be grounds for censure or expulsion from the Society. Such action would only be taken following proper hearing by the Executive Committee and recommendation of the Committee.

2. Suspension: Failure to pay dues by the stated date shall

result in automatic suspension until such dues or assessments are paid.

C. Expulsion: The membership of any member of the Society may

be terminated by a three-quarters affirmative vote of all members after written charges have been preferred before the Executive Committee and Society and the accused has been given an opportunity to answer charges before the Society.

D. Reinstatement: Any former active member may be reinstated by two-thirds affirmative vote of the active members present at the meeting, provided that reinstatement has been proposed in writing.

Article VII. Meetings:

A. At least two meetings of the Society will be held each year. The dates of these and any additional meetings shall be established by the officers of the Society.

B. Guests: A member physician may bring no more than two guests per meeting.

C. A non-member physician may attend meetings for no more than two years as a guest.

Article VIII. Dues: Dues shall be assessed on a regular basis as necessary to meet the on-going costs of the Society. Any change in the amount of the dues is to recommended by the Executive Committee and must be approved by two-thirds vote of the members present and voting.

Article IX. Quorum: Thirty-three percent of the current active membership at a

scheduled meeting shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of

business at any regular or special meeting.

Article X. These bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the entire


Article XI. Robert's Rules of Order shall be followed in all business meetings of the Society when not in conflict with these bylaws.

Voted on, approved, and accepted January 21, 2002.
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